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Liz Adams

International Fine Artist, Paris & New York 

"I had the pleasure of working with Karen Oldhoven recently to develop
a marketing strategy for my fine art business. She spent a great deal of time getting to know the essence of my work by asking thought provoking questions that helped me evaluate what I have to offer my clients.
She helped me to develop a convincing sales pitch as well as a detailed marketing strategy that has really revolutionized the way I approach my career.


Under her skillful guidance I was able to establish clear goals and direction. I highly recommend
Brand New Personal for positive professional development with a creative and enthusiastic approach."


Maarten Façee Schaeffer

Owner Cosmetic Clinic, Amsterdam

"From day one, the collaboration with Karen has been a very good experience. Her translation of what you need is bold and intelligent. She guides you on a natural and empathic way to a fitting solution for your request for help. She developed a solid social media strategy and presence for our cosmetic clinic in Amsterdam and Woerden. 

This first result has led to a very good start for our social media campaign and a good one basis for further development."


Ilse Kerling

Founder E-Learning platform, Amsterdam

"Karen Oldhoven is one of my key suppliers. As a Columnist for, and SSON, I actively share my opinions. Yet I realized that I needed a marketing strategy that elevates all those activities and my brand to a higher level. 


Thankfully I was introduced to Karen. We first did a Personal Branding session to understand my business, brand and passion. Karen has a knack for asking questions to get to the core. Besides that, she has a very pleasant personality. Based on the feedback and a review of the marketing side of the business, she created a strategic marketing plan for my company. Then broke the strategy down into activities, messages and many other valuable suggestions.


She has really gone above and beyond my expectations. I am really pleased to have found Karen and
I look forward to working with her for the time to come."

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Monique Brinkhorst

International Hair- & Makeup artist

"For me, the personal branding one-on-one session was a real eye opener. I would recommend the session with Karen to anyone starting a business or any entrepreneur that has been feeling stuck at the same level for a while. Or who doesn't know what the next step needs to be to reach their objectives. 

With all her enthusiasm and positive energy, Karen gave me the insight to be more active in approaching new clients. She taught me to reflect on my goals and chase them without having fear."

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Marjolein Lokker

International Marketeer & Influencer

"Working with Karen was the best thing I did for my personal career. I work for over 5 years as an entrepreneur and sometimes it is important to talk to a professional to get a clear view on where you stand, where you want to go and how you can obtain your goals.


Karen has great interpersonal skills, so she quickly gets the situation and gives excellent advice. She
defines a clear step to step approach on how to change the things to reach your new goals.


The first result was to become more professional towards my clients and be more clear on how I would like to work together to obtain the best results for my clients. I also have learned to say no and explain myself well in the ´why´. This reduced my stress levels and it strengthened my relationships with clients."

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