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Personal Branding Session

Often I receive the request to drink a latte or tea, to facilitate people with their personal branding. 
First of all... thank you for your interest!


Your time and my time is all we have, so efficiency is exactly what we need. 

For that reason, I introduce personal branding sessions to build your compelling personal brand. 

Brand Your Personality! 

Are you a business owner and you.. 

.. Want to differentiate from the competition? 

.. Lost focus on your personal growth? 

.. Find it difficult how to sell me, myself and I? 

.. Build back your confidence to your life and career? 

.. Want to improve your sales pitch?

.. Develop new business, but don't know where to start? 


Do you recognize yourself in the above? 

Please read further. 

Personal branding is more important than ever in today's economy, because you are the most important selling point of
your services and products. People trust people, they are looking for someone they can proudly recommend.
You develop a relationship with your customers, it's your personality they trust and buy from. 

The goal of the session is to design your life by knowing who you really are, what is your personal brand, how to
market yourself and move forward to reach your goals, dreams and objectives. 


What To Expect

  • Based on your goals and needs we create your session route

  • Build your personal brand to move your future forward with marketing & sales techniques

  • Be prepared for hundreds of questions that I will ask to dig deeper into your why

  • Be open minded and honest. If you can't... I am sorry, but then I can't help you

  • 4 hour session

  • Session is at my house or via Zoom

Before We Start

Beforehand you will receive a questionnaire about who you are and what your goals are with your personal brand.

My homework is to take a look at your brand, social media and website to understand what drives you and how
we can transform your personal brand. 


What To Bring

Your laptop, pen and paper. 

Whatever works for you. 


  • You have created a consistent personal story 

  • You give people confidence, credibility and trust

  • You build a positive, lasting impression with a higher perceived value 

  • You are the “go-to” person in your area of expertise for your audience

  • You prioritize your strengths and talents

  • You receive, based on your needs, a basic marketing plan

  • You learned how to develop new business 

  • You differentiated yourself from the competition

  • If you tell your authentic story consistently, other people will tell your story too 


And that, dear visitors... that is personal branding! 
Say hello to your authentic personality :-) 


€ 599 incl. drinks, lunch, excl. VAT

Duration session: 4 hours 

Let's Get Personal

Convinced with a yes? 

Please leave your information below for your session and I will get back to you. 

Looking forward to meet you! 


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