Why is it Important for my Team? 

The quality of your staff determines the quality of your company.
The skills and talents of your employees are the reason why your company exists. Again, your most important asset.


Knowing their expertise, competencies, strengths and really understanding what they’re great at, will give your employees more confidence and credibility within the company and to your clients. 


Life is about Contentment

What happens if an individual feels confident and trusted in their role?

Exactly! They shine, grow, expand and realize your monthly, quarterly or
yearly objectives. Your employees become more identifiable in person with
a result of stronger relationships with clients and colleagues. 
Ultimately, this will boost your partnerships, performances and deliver ROI. 

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Brand Your Team

What is Personal Branding? 

Personal Branding is presenting yourself to the world with the unique combination of your skills, experiences and personality that you want to be known for. 

Effective Personal Branding differentiates you from other and allows you to build trust with potential clients, employers and colleagues. 

Thank you for visiting

And you dear visitor, no matter what your role is... 

You are your own Personal Brand.
Finding my website is your first wakeup call to brand yourself. 




Personal Branding has been around for decades. 

Simply because we base all our buying choices and decisions on
human interactions. 

People don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people. 

Who defines Your Company? 

How can you advertise your company and spend on Marketing, 
but forget about yourself as;

- a CEO or a Business Owner
- a Manager or

- your Team members

Let's keep this simple, who runs your company? 

Exactly, your most important assets are you and your employees.


What to expect

What I Do 

I provide Personal Branding workshops for 2 or 4 hours. 

Every session is 100% tailor made based on your needs and objectives. 

Topic Examples

  • Definition ‘What is Personal Branding’ 

  • The workshop will become quite Personal, we dig deep!

  • Your Personal and Team SWOT

  • Your Personal Brand pitch

  • More topics are based on needs and objectives


I present in English, German and Dutch. 


In Person or virtual.



  • The CEO or Manager has a better understanding of existing

talents amongst employees

  • Discover new qualities and achieve more

  • Empower your people by magnifying their strengths

  • Increased visibility realizes synergy with other departments

  • Business relationships will flourish based on trust 

  • Understand your people on a deeper, personal, meaningful level

  • Enrich your staff on a Personal Growth level

  • Helps build a strong focused and above all, positive reputation 

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Interested in Personal Growth for your employees?
Of course, you are! 


Please fill in your contact details if you would like to drink a coffee in
person or through Zoom and I will get back to you.

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