"A Brand is not just a Product, Service, Logo or Personality.

It's an Experience, a Personal Experience"



Let me introduce myself and brand myself since that is what I do.

My name is Karen and I am passionate about motivating people to build their own Personal Brand.

With 14 years of experience at international media companies JCDecaux and DPG Media, I advised clients such as Google,

Zalando and Tele2 on their marketing & communication challenges. Additionally, I modeled in tv- and online commercials, presented events and side-kicked on a national radio station. 


As a result of this experience, I obtained knowledge and passion on how to build brands, to activate and engage with people and mainly consumers. I know firsthand how essential it is to emphasize the connection with people. Nothing makes me happier than to grow and transform brands into an excellent and sustainable, personal experience. 

But how can you brand your company's name and forget about yourself as a business owner, a manager, your team members and your personnel? Knowing the strengths, talents and personalities of your people, to really understand what they're good at,
is the way to continue to grow and expand your business. 

Companies don't buy from companies, but people buy from people.


That is one of the reasons why I started my company Brand New Personal, because your personality is your Trademark. 

Authenticity, Trust, Credibility, Loyalty... can you resonate with these words? 

Every person and you, dear visitor is its own Personal Brand, whether you like it or not. Personal Branding is not only applicable for the Executive Level, it is a strategy for every professional at all levels. 

Therefore I provide Personal Branding workshops in real life and virtually. With a promise that you and your employees will be more content, once you have crafted your compelling career brand statement. By knowing your Personal Brand, setting goals and take action, this will ultimately contribute to the success of your business's objectives.

Thank you for visiting Brand New Personal and feel free to surf around. 

Yours Sincerely, 




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